Collect Karma and Badges!


+15 pts.
Create a Blogpost
+10 pts.
Create a page
+3 pts.
Create a comment
+5 pts.
Label a page or blogpost
+10 pts.
Other people like your content
+2 pts.
Write a Status Update
+2 pts.
Follow someone
+10 pts.
Someone is following you


Message in a Bottle

Write a comment

Hello World

Update your Status

Wet paint!

Create a new page


Create a new blogpost


Add a label


Follow someone

Love Letter

Get 30 likes for one comment, page or blogpost

Morning Bird

Login to the system before 8am

Night Owl

Login to the system after 9pm


At least 30 people follow you


Write 100 Comments

Label Neurotic

Label 1000 pages or blogposts

Like an open book

Write 1000 status updates

Newspaper Man

Add 1000 pages or blogposts

Karma for each user

Each user link in Confluence shows the current karma points of that specific user. Here are some examples:

  Updates on the Dashboard 

  Metadata at a post

  Profile cards

The Karma Overview

How to get there?

The Karma Overview provides detailed information about a users karma points. It is reachable via the user profile view or the user dropdown.



Karma history graph, ranking and badges

The left column provides a graph which shows the current karma progress. This graph will be updated once a day. Below the graph the last 20 karma point events will be listed. The top right link on this column leads to a dialog that shows all actions that a user is able to get karma for.

The middle column shows all users which already gained karma sorted descending by their karma points. The currently selected karma user is highlighted in green.

The right column displays the users badges. It shows the already achieved badges and the badges which the user is currently working on. The top right link on this column leads to a dialog with all available badges.