Finally use appealing and descriptive icons in Confluence
Using the Font Icons Add-On for Confluence you can choose from many different icons. Use descriptive icons to better visualize and present your content.


 Finally improve your content using appealing and descriptive icons

 Choose from 1000+ icons

 Use an intuitive search for finding icons

 Use icons for button linke links


Missing a font?

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Make use of Devicons

Font Awesome

Make use of Font Awesome

Additional CSS classes

You can use Font Awesomes special CSS classes as well.

Some examples:





Stacked Icons

Will be includeed in a future release.

Font Awesome Animations

We've included some more animations.

On DOM loadOn icon hoverOn parent
CSS classes are added to the iconThe link must have the CSS classes "faa-parent animated-hover". The other class must be added to the icon.

faa-wrench animated

faa-wrench animated-hover

faa-ring animated

faa-ring animated-hover

faa-horizontal animated

faa-horizontal animated-hover 

faa-vertical animated

faa-vertical animated-hover 

faa-flash animated

faa-flash animated-hover 

faa-bounce animated

faa-bounce animated-hover 

faa-spin animated

faa-spin animated-hover 

faa-float animated

faa-float animated-hover 

faa-pulse animated

faa-pulse animated-hover 

faa-shake animated

faa-shake animated-hover 

faa-tada animated

faa-tada animated-hover 

faa-passing animated

faa-passing animated-hover 

faa-passing-reverse animated

faa-passing-reverse animated-hover 

faa-burst animated

faa-burst animated-hover 

faa-falling animated

faa-falling animated-hover 


Make use of Ionicons

Line Awesome

Make use of Line Awesome