Content Rating for Confluence

The Content Rating Add-On for Confluence allows your readers to rate your pages or blog posts using customizable criteria. Author get concrete feedback and can optimize their content. 

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Image Galleries and Sliders for Confluence

The Image Galleries Add-On for Confluence from Atlassian allows you to present your attached images even better using some handy macros. Galleries can be shown like grid, column, carousel slider, accordion slider or a before after comparison.

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Awards for Confluence

Harness the power of gamification · Awards drives engagement by rewarding users for collaborating and contributing your wiki.

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Label Suggester for Confluence

The Label Suggester add-on for Atlassian Confluence generates label suggestions for pages and blog posts based on your content. Multiple factors, like titles, hyperlinks or other highlighted text elements are considered.

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Font Icons for Confluence

Using the Font Icons Add-On for Confluence you can choose from many different icons. Use descriptive icons to better visualize and present your content.

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Translate for Confluence

Using Translate for Confluence you can easily localize text from Confluence and your Add-Ons.

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