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Enable PREAUTH authentication on INTERGATOR Server

We highly recommend using PREAUTH  as authentication method for intergator in production usage. This is the only method, the search is done on behalf of the authenticated Confluence user.

To be able to use PREAUTH yourINTERGATOR server has to be configured supporting PREAUTH.

Please contact your INTERGATOR administrator or interface projects for configuring PREAUTH.

Go to INTERGATOR support

Configure the add-on

Use the settings screen to setup the connection between Confluence and your INTERGATOR server.

Add the right of the screen you will already see the INTERGATOR search and can validate that your settings are correct.

Proxy Url (required)URL used for proxy request to your INTERGATOR server.
Public URLOptional URL to render direct links to INTERGATOR. Proxy URL will be used as fallback.
FacetsYou have to configure all search facets users will be able to use. Please contact you INTERGATOR administrator for a list of all facets.
SSLCheck, if your INTERGATOR server is using any kind of invalid SSL certificate.
Anonymous accessEnable to allow searches for anonymous users
Link to INTERGATORIf checked links to INTERGATOR will be shown for anonymous users as well.
Anonymous userSearches from anonymous users will be done on behalf of this user.
  • PREAUTH: User
  • Basic Auth: you can define a fixed basic auth user. This is only recommended for testing purposes and not for final production usage. All search requests will be done on behalf of this user.
PREAUTH HeaderThe HTTP which will contain the username of the current Confluence user
Basic Auth UsernameUsername for Basic Auth authentication
Basic Auth Password

Password for Basic Auth Authentication

CacheActivate local caching for thumbnails of search results
Cache ExpirationDetermine how long (in milliseconds) thumbnails are cached in local home directory. Default of 86400000 milliseconds corresponds to 24 hours.
Replace Quick SearchActivate to open INTERGATOR embedded search instead of quick search.
PlaceholderSpecify the placeholder that appears in the search field. Default is "*"

Embedded Search

The embedded search dialog similar to the Confluence quick search. If activated of in addon configuration search field in header instead of the quick search of Confluence will be shown.

If user search for something the embedded search opens.

Custom usage of embedded search

To open embedded search in your theme or environment you can dispatch the "moewe.addons.intergator:embedded-search" event with default query to open embedded search from everywhere.

window.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent("moewe.addons.intergator:embedded-search", {
	detail: {
		query: "*" // or default query when embedded search opens

To add custom javascript you will find here more information under this link (How to use JavaScript in Confluence).

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