The Image Grid Gallery displays images from space and page or custom selected images within a grid.

Macro parameters

LabelParameterDefaultDescriptionHosting Type
SourcessourcesCurrent pageSpecify the title of space or page which contains the images or image title you want displayed. You can specify more than one source in autocomplete field.Server
Filters the images to display, based on a list of labels. If you wish to enter more than one label, separate the labels with commas.Server, Cloud

Maximum number of images.

Admin can define global max limit for application. Value of global max limit will be used if default or custom value is highter.

Server, Cloud
Sort Images BysortnameSpecify an attribute to sort the images by. Sort order is ascending, unless you select the Reverse Sort parameter (see below).Server
SortreverseascendingUsed in combination with the Sort Images By parameter above. Use Reverse Sort to reverse the sort order, from ascending to descending.Server
SizeitemSize200Size of image container in pixel.Server, Cloud
StretchstretchYesImage will be stretched to fill image container (Some parts of image may not be visible).Server
Vertical guttergutterX15Size of vertical gutter in pixel.Server, Cloud
Horizontal guttergutterY15Size of horizontal gutter in pixel.Server, Cloud
AnimateanimateYesImage positioning will be animated, for instance when the page is resized.Server, Cloud

With Animation

(lightbulb) Resize the browser window to see the effect.

Without Animation

Stretch disabled

Filtered by label

No horizontal gutter

No vertical gutter

No gutter at all

Max number

Different image size