The Before After Image Slider allows you to visualize the difference between two images.


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 Macro parameters

LabelParameterDefaultDescriptionHosting Type
Choose from 5 different methods to visualize the images.Server, Cloud
Left ImageleftImage
Search box for the left image.Server, Cloud
Right ImagerightImage
Search box for the right image.Server, Cloud
Widthwidth50%Width of the container.Server
Slide on mouse movehoverYesIf enabled slides will be moved with the mouse move.Server, Cloud
Overlayed SlideroverlayedSliderNoBy default the slider is beneath the images. Settings this option the slider is on top of the images.Server, Cloud
CSS ClassescssClasses
Parameter to set additional css classes to enable further features or for advanced customization.Server



From Right

Side by Side

Fade In

From Left

Other Configurations

Overlaid handle

Rounded Slider

Hidden handle (Mouse only)

Subtle slider

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