If you evaluated the Karma add-on on your productive system you might want to reset the Karma Points before going live with. Here is how you can do it:

Please go to the Karma Overview page (it is within the user menu at the top right) and check the Karma value of the first person in the Karma Ranking. This is the highest Karma value within your system.

Then go to the Karma Administration and open the configuration for the Karma Events. At the bottom you find the Event for losing/gaining Karma regularly. Please enter a very high negative value (it must be higher than the Karma value of the first person in the Karma Ranking).

Afterwards open the Scheduled Jobs in the Confluence Administration. Search for "Karma Decrease/Increase Job" and start it manually (or wait for the next execution time). Check the Karma Overview again. All users should have 0 Karma Points.

Please do not forget to set the points for losing/gaining Karma back to the original value in the Karma Administration.

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