Having fun while discovering Confluence

Some users who are not yet familiar with Wikis or other Social Software applications, often find it difficult to get used to the new working methods. Two months ago Atlassian offered you 5 tips for a successful Intranet with Confluence. Now you are getting the 6th ultimate tip from us: Karma for Confluence.

With this Plugin, you can motivate the users of Confluence to use the system and all its features. Writing blog entries, commenting on other articles and simply using Confluence on a daily basis makes it even more fun. 

Even if your company has already successfully established Confluence, the Plugin Karma offers you additional value. Your Wiki offers a few functions that are probably as good as never used – what a shame for all the great effects! Do you and your colleagues update your statuses daily? Do you tag key words in every blog entry to make the search for content easier? No? Then just wait until you have installed Karma. Using all these functions earns Karma points. Karma for Confluence offers your Wiki a new kind of power and more fun, even for the most enthusiastic user.

Collect Karma and Badges, and compare with colleagues

In general, the number of collected Karma points is shown behind the names of the users. In the Karma overview, you then have the possibility to see your earned Karma points in detail. Perhaps most interesting in the overview is the list of colleagues (sorted by the number of Karma points). This allows you to immediately see how many points you still need to surpass your team colleagues. When you click on the profile of a colleague, you will come to their Karma overview.

Along with the Karma points shown in the Karma overview, the current status of the badges can also be seen. For particular actions or an accumulation of activities, the user can obtain Badges. Nearly everyone can get the Badge ‘Mayfly’. But how many employees will be able to land the titles of ‘Label Neurotic’ or ‘Morning Bird’? Active users can be rewarded with the acquisition of badges.


Karma for Confluence facilitates the implementation of your Confluence Wikis, whereby it uses the ideas from ‚Gamification’, which everyone is talking about these days.

Test Karma for Confluence for yourself – on your Confluence System or in our Demo-Area. And, if you have as much fun with it as we do, then we invite you to drop a good word off about it at the Atlassian Marketplace. Karma for Confluence is our entry in this year’s Codegeist competition from Atlassian. Your vote will raise our chances to take one of the top places and perhaps even win a prize. This would allow us to implement even more ideas from the Community in the next version, “Karma for Confluence 1.0”.

Karma for Confluence brings people closer together. Connect everything you need with a little bit of fun. Generate knowledge with delight!

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